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Learn Ten Qirat online with our best teachers from Arab counties at LearnQuran.Online. We are proud to offer this course online with high zeal as this knowledge is now less common in people because for many reasons that there are fewer teachers of the Ten Qiraat of the Holy Quran available in the world.

Introduction to Ten Qirats.

The Ten Qirats are the ten famous methods of recitations of the Holy Quran by the famous authority chains holders. Each Qirat derives its name from the famous Rawi the one who narrates it with an established and authenticated chain. Each Qirat is recited by the master with all variants. It is a kind of corpus of recitation, that is then referred to the master by the students. There are many transmission lines as well. So in short, there there are 20 Rawis and Eighteen lines in total. Each Qirat has its own rules of Qirat recitation and Tajweed. With LearnQuran.Online you can learn Ten Qirat online and visit our blog for more.

Learn Ten Qirats Online with Names.

Here are the ten Qira’at with their famous Qaaris:

1. Naafi’ Al-Madani. (Madinah)
Imam Malik (R.A) has recited in this way. Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal most of the time has recited the Holy Quran in this manner. The two Qaris who preserved this recitation are Qaloon and Warsh and this is called the lines.

2. Ibn Katheer Al-Makki. (Makkah) Imam Shafi recited The Quran in this manner. The two Qaris who preserved this recitation are Al-Buzzi and Qumbul.

3. Abu Amr Al-Basri (Basra). The two Qaris who preserved this reading manner of the holy Quran are Ad-Doori and As-Soosi.

4. Ibn Aamir Ash-Shami (Syria). The two Qaris who Recited with this recitation method are Hishaam and Ibn Zakwan.

5. Asim al-Kufi (Kofah). Imaam Abu Hanifa (R) recited with this way of recitation. Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal often recited in this manner. The Two Qaris who preserved this recitation of Quran are Shuba and Hafs. That is why it is called Hafs An Asim

6. Hamzah Al-Kufi (Kofah). The two Qaris who preserved this recitation of the Holy Quran are Khalaf (who also has his own Qira’at #10) and Khallad.

7. Al-Kisaa’i. The two Qaris who preserved this way of recitation of Quran are Al-Layth and Ad-Doori (same one as before).

8. Abu Ja’far Al-Madanee (Madinah). The two Qaris who preserved this way of recitation are Isa and Sulayman.

9. Yaqub ibn Al-Basri (Basra). Imam Bukhari is reported that he has recited in this manner of the recitation.
The two famous Qaris who narrated this recitation are Ruways and Rooh.

10. Khalaf (same one who preserved Hamzah’s recitation, but this is his own method of recitation of Quran as well)
The two Qaris who recited this recitation are Ishaq and Idris.

Nowadays about 95% of the world recites the holy Quran in Hafs an Asim, nearly 3% Warsh an Naafi, almost 7% Qaloon an-Naafi, 3% Ad-Doori an Abu Amr, and 1% Ibn ‘Aamir.

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