Things we didn’t know as we prepare for Ramadan

Things we didn’t know as we prepare for Ramadan

We should must study Things we didn’t know as we prepare for Ramadan. The prophet Muhammad was reported saying by Abdullah Ibn ‘Amr, “the fast and the Qur’an are two intercessors for the servant of Allah on the day of Judgment. The fast will say; oh lord I prevented him from eating and worldly desires during the day, let me intercede for him. The Qur’an will say, I prevented him from sleeping at night, let me intercede for him. And their intercession will be accepted”. (Imam Ahmad)

Things we didn’t know as we prepare for Ramadan | LearnQuran
Things we didn’t know as we prepare for Ramadan | LearnQuran


Things we didn’t know as we prepare for Ramadan in Islam

Ramadan is a savior to all Muslims on the last day

Ramadan is a way for all the Muslim ummah to attain Taqwa; it is the ultimate exam of what makes us a Muslim. Today millions of Muslims find fasting and the month of Ramadan a burden they can wait for it to pass. Some don’t even take Ramadan seriously anymore.

The verse is a reminder of the Qur’an verse, “inalilahi wainalilahi rajiun” meaning to Allah we belong and to Him we shall return.

As a Muslim prepare for ramadan, believe in Qadir (destiny) is a completion of your faith- that includes standing to face judgment for your sins, nobody or no one can save you even if you were later good in life except fasting in the months of Ramadan or days stipulated by the prophet (SAW) and the Qur’an.

We must know the Things we didn’t know as we prepare for Ramadan. The Ramadan fast and reciting the Qur’an are the two most important things we have to do during the months of prior, during, and after Ramadan. They are the Muslims shield and sword, utilize it.

It is a month of incomparable Reward

Qur’an 2:184 – “but too fast is best for you if you only knew.”

Another Hadith that supports the above verse from Baqarah is, reported by Sahl Ibn Sa’d heard the prophet (SAW) saying; “there is a gate to a paradise called Ar-Rayyan. On the last day, it will say, where are those that fasted? When the last one has passed through it will be locked.” (Imam Al-Bukhari)

You might feel that the reward stated are heavenly, but the Prophet (SAW) also said, anyone who wakes to pray the tahajjud during the month of Ramadan with faith and hope for a reward, all his previous sins will be forgiven by Allah (SWT). That is starting life on a new slate, if you die after this act, you die a martyr

Furthermore, Abu Hurayrah reported the Prophet (PBUH) saying, “every good deed you perform during the months of Ramadan shall be multiplied up to 700 times with the exception of fasting. For Allah (SWT) will reward those that fast for his sake.

Just so you know, the bad breath of your mouth during fasting is better than the fragrance of musk in the sight of Allah SWT (Sahih Al-Bukhari).

It is a month of ultimate protection

As mentioned above it will be a saving grace for Muslims destined for hell if they fast, to further, emphasize this point,

Iman Ahmad, Saheeh reported, “Fasting is a shield with which a servant protects himself from hell fire.”

Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri reported the Prophet (SAW) saying,” Anyone that fast for the sake of Allah (SWT) for a day, Allah SWT, will keep his face away from hellfire a distance of seventy years journey.

Just for a day, the prophet (SAW) said, on the day inside 29 or 30 days and you get far away from hell for a journey of seventy years. Imagine if you sincerely fast 29/30 for the sake of Allah (SWT), the distance of your face from hell.

Let’s be mindful as we prepare for the month of Ramadan and harvest the blessings that will be bestowed upon us.

Double your blessings with Ramadan

The month of Ramadan can be a huge burden on some Muslims, but since it is a month of blessing, it is time to assist the needy in simple charity works as helping someone perform their fast comfortably.

Abu Hurairah (RA) stated that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) once said,” whoever helps ease the difficulty in the world, Allah will grant him ease from the difficulty in this world and the hereafter.”

You get double your blessing for helping someone – here and on the last day. The day of Laylat’ul Qadr is the crown jewel of the month of Ramadan. On this month the angels descend from heaven carrying blessings and rewards for all.

For Muslims that is used to performing the tahajjud during this special might, there is the chance that all your sins will be forgiven and you will be reborn.

We should also remember that the gates of heaven are opened during Ramadan, so let’s make this Ramadan our best for the sake of Allah and reap the reward here and in the hereafter.

What days of Ramadan mean and prepare for ramadan?

Do you know what the month of Ramadan is divided into, and what they mean? As we prepared for the upcoming fast, now is the time to know more about the month the Qur’an was sent down.

The prophet (SAW) says,” Ramadan is the month whose beginning is mercy, the middle is forgiveness, and the end is emancipation from the fires of hell – Bihar Al- Anwar.

Let’s break it down –

  • The first 10 days of Ramadan are for seeking Allah (SWT) mercy through repentance, performing the simple acts of Ramadan like reciting the Qur’an, salat, nafilah and saying the tasbih. So we should enjoy waking up for our suhur to enable us to stay strong during the day before iftar
  • The next ten days are the days of forgiveness – seeking forgiveness for our deeds and forgiving those that have offended us. It is the time to recall our sin and seek atonement through proper taqwa and acts of kindness.
  • The last days are the days of salvation as it is within the last days the Laylat’ul Qadr will appear. These is usually the hardest days as we are tired and the fast has taken its toll, but it is the best days of the month where your life can literary turn around.

So as we prepared for the month of Ramadan, let us seek the face of Allah SWT more to gain the reward of the earth and the protection of the hereafter. Let’s fast the obligatory fast just like the prophet (SAW) did in the months following fasting.

Abu Bakr Al Baikhi (RAA) said, “Rajab is the month you sow seeds, Sha’aban is the month of irrigating the seed and the month of Ramadan is the month to reap the harvest.”

Let prepared well and know before it the Things we didn’t know as we prepare for Ramadan, and May Allah hear all our supplications during this holy month.